Would you join a PG without a Washing Machine? Ever thought how it can help your mother?

July 19, 2020 By 9121079776wp 0

You got a new job in a city and you need a place to live. Most of the guys would choose PG over a room. Now tell me one thing. What are the mandatory things that you need in a PG to rent? Undoubtedly a washing machine. Agree with me? WHy don’t you wash your own clothes with your bare hands? Because it’s a tough job? Then in what way it is easy for your mother?

Washing clothes with hands is one of the toughest jobs every mother does. She will be washing your clothes at least twice a week.  Ever think of helping her out from this hard job? If not, give it a thought. Just ask your mother how much help it can be having a washing machine at home.

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