Have you ever experienced the pain of grinding the dal curry (pappu) with churning rod?

July 8, 2020 By 9121079776wp 1

This page is to inform that you are

I have been very helpful for my mom whenever she needed me. One day I saw that she was struggling to mix the Dal with churning rod. I wanted to give it a try thinking what’s so big a deal in mixing the Dal with the wooden rod. To my surprise it was a tiring job for the hands as you have to mix it for more than 5 minutes to mix it well. That day I realized how exhausting that it can be to mix the Dal with bear hands.

I started thinking about what I can do to reduce her stress and efforts. I started Googling about a product which can fulfill my needs. That is when I came across the Electric Hand Blender which can do the same work within 5 seconds.

It can also be used to blend tomatoes to make your favourite Rasam and Samaber, and can be used to mix your fruit shake if you are hitting the gym or if you have health consciousness.

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